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Mike the Miz Fan Site!

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This is the site for all things Miz and the Inferno II!

Hey everybody! I decided to make a website all about my favorite person, Mike "the Miz" from the Real World! I want to give shout outs to Laci, Christine, Knot,  Athena, Ashley, Matt, Mallory, Heather (I love you) Jamie (My Big Junior)

That's the saying... Why you ask? I created a character called The Miz because of a feeling I get. Everyone has a Miz in them. People fear bringing their MIZ out because of what everyone's reaction may be. They care too much about what people think instead of being themselves. That fear, that feeling of being scared is what gives MIZ it's amo! Whether it's the fear of approaching someone you desire in a bar for the first time, bungee jumping, sky diving, or just plain old fear of anything, it's allowing yourself to be scared! But when you are being Miz, you step up to that fear and turn that knot in your stomach into energy which then turns to adrenaline which builds up and builds up until you explode. And that my friends is when you are being "MIZ." The Miz is bringing out that raw, primal side. The side that has no judgements that is just you. It doesn't care what people think or how they'll react. The Miz steps up to that fear and shoves it right up someone's ass. Some people say "Be yourself." I say Be good. Be bad. BE MIZ.


What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

Inferno II eleminations:
week 1: No Inferno
week 2: Jon
week 3: No inferno
week 4: Robin
week 5: No inferno
week 6: Karamo
week 7: No inferno
week 8: Jodi
week 9: No Inferno
week 10: Brad
week 11: No Inferno
week 12: Julie :(
week 13: No inferno
week 14: Dan
week 15: Shavonda
week 16: FINAL MISSION!!!!!

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

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