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What I think!

hey peoples,
   I can not believe that it is a "three"peat for the miz! how stupid can the bad asses possibly be? Don't they know that he is indefeated in the last inferno and the gauntlet? I hope he wipes out Abe!
hey peoples,
   brad is such a pu$$y! he cant take a simple wedgie without going into pizzed off mode! he deserved to get his a$$ kicked by Abe!
I'M OUT OF SCHOOL FOR THE SUMMER!!! YAY! sorry for all you peoples up north, but its ok, we go in earlier than you so..... it's an equal trade? isn't it??
To my friend Knot,
I know you are going back to Thailand in June.... so hopefully I can see you again before you leave!!! Please keep in contact and come back to America some time, thank you for being a great friend!! BYE!
I can not belive you are getting shipped to Iraq at the end of the month! that is so not cool.... be safe, come home soon..... Love ya!
Hey Peoples:
  Sorry I haven't been updating on Tuesday like I did when I started... but these past two weeks have been absolute "Heck"  I haven't been on as much as I should.... but I will keep trying to update ASAP after the show!!!
Hey Peoples:
 What has been happening? Well... now that school is out my summer has been absolutly boring!!! The bestest thing i think i've done so far is go fishing for 8 hours! whoopie! so much fun! NEVER TAKE DRAMAMINE!!! that stuff kicks ur ass!
Hey Peoples:
I'm really really sorry i didnt get to update last weeks results! I DIDN'T HAVE THEM! I watched it but i lost my papers with the results! HOW RUDE!! anyways... I've been updating my xanga a lot!!!!  "IT'S THE LAAAST INFERNO!!!"
Hey Peoples:
Well I guess it's all over now and now guess who is $150,000 richer??? Huh? Huh? Who is it? ITS THE GOOD GUYS!!!! HECK YES! I <3 the miz! i actually talked to him today! him and abe!! they are cool!!!!!
This is not the last of me... just the last of this site! i will come back every once in a while to say wuzzup... but no more inferno!!!!! This is not goodbye, just CYA LA8ER!!! BYE GUYS! I <3 u all!! thanks for visiting and peace out! BTW, Knot is leaving on next week and i want to say CYA LA8ER to him as well!!! BYE KNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be good, Be bad, BE MIZ! HOO-RAH!