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Good Guys V. Bad Asses

Week 1: Surf Torture
Week 2: Juice it up
Week 3: X marks the spot
Week 4: Run for your money
Week 5: Shirt off my back
Week 6: Dodge your balls
Week 7: Fill in the gap
Week 8: Zip Up
Week 9: Never Ending Climb
Week 10: What a drag
Week 11: Riddle me this
Week 12: Take a Ride (or as Julie calls it; "The Road to GOD is Straight and Narrow")
Week 13: If Memort serves
Week 14: Crab Grab
Week 15: Heart Rate Bungee

Week 1: Bad Asses
Week 2: Bad Asses
Week 3: Bad Asses
Week 4: Good Guys
Week 5: Good Guys
Week 6: Bad Asses
Week 7: Bad Asses
Week 8: Good Guys
Week 9: Good Guys
Week 10: Bad Asses
Week 11: Good Guys
Week 12: Bad Asses
Week 13: Good Guys
Week 14: Good Guys
Week 15: Good Guys
Week 16: the final mission and the winners of 150,000.... THE GOOD GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!